Benefits of Storytelling to Children

Is reading aloud or sharing a story from your memory a good way to spend time with your children? Or it somehow benefits your child?

I am sure that most of us would have narrated or read at least one or two stories to our child. If you are still doing it, it’s great. But if you have stopped, checkout on the benefits of storytelling to kids in early ages.

Before I start with the benefits of storytelling, let’s come to one major debatable topic i.e.

Online stories vs Reading/Narrating Stories:

In today’s era of digitalization stories are available at a click of our finger. You can find stories on YouTube channels where you can get a video rendition of your favourite stories; animated and full of action, just the way kids like it. Then why do we need to narrate or tell the stories to kids or what difference it makes?benefits of story telling

So to answer this question;

By narrating the stories you are giving kids their own canvas to paint their ideas whereas allowing them to watch their favourite story you are presenting them the already painted canvas.

Now coming back to the benefits of storytelling:

  • Interactive

When you start storytelling to your child you will find that most of the sessions of storytelling are interactive. It includes your child interest to interact with you more by asking questions or his doubts. Encourage your child to ask questions, restate words and emphasize on the moral of the story.

  • Imagination and creativity

Telling stories help child to build their own imagination. Children have to tap into their imagination, providing their own images to the story. For example once I was telling the story of lion and rat to my toddler and whenever I come to lion he was saying that “Mumma Lion says Roar Roar”. So he probably imagines Lion with roar sound.

  • Enhance Vocabulary and pronunciation

Story time is a good time to enhance the vocab of your child by introducing new words to them. This is the time they listen to you sincerely and pick up the words you use in your sentences and understand its meaning well. So make sure that you use new words in your story and also ask them to pronounce it.

  • Implanting morals

Whatever you learn as a child stays with you forever. So telling your child moral stories will naturally inculcate the high values in them. You can make it simple as per their age like for toddlers you can come up with the moral stories which have sharing, helping, respecting etc. morals.

  • Raising their emotional quotient

Kids have the nature to involve in things very fast. So when you tell them the story they unknowingly become a part of it and relate to the characters emotionally. So use this story telling medium to increase their emotional quotient in early ages.

It is proven that emotional competent children are found to tolerate frustration better and are less violence prone. They are more focused, responsible, optimistic, assertive, popular and outgoing. They are less lonely, impulsive and have greater academic achievement.

  • Boosting memory

Children remember what they hear the most so if you tell them the story again and again they are definitely bound to remember what was narrated to them. So use this method to boost the memory of your child.

At first they may not remember it straight away; they would have doubts about characters or events. Be patient and repeat it. Slowly they would know how to listen and remember key pieces of information.

  • Improved communication

By introducing them to more words and pronunciation, you are helping them to boost their communication skills. They will pick up the clarity in your speech, expressions and the tone from the stories you narrated to them. It will help them in articulation of sentences.

  • Listening skills

Many times kids won’t listen to you, but story telling is the only one activity when your child all ears to you. They want to know what will happen next, and remember all the characters, places, morals and instances of the story carefully. It’s because kids are attentive and listening to you carefully all the time you narrate story.

This skill is going to help them as they grow. A good listener; you are just helping them be that.

  • Introduction to our culture and traditions:

Storytelling helps to enhance cultural understanding, since stories give children the chance to explore their own and other cultures. Stories also have the ability to learn more about different values, traditions, and life experiences through stories. It allows children to explore their own cultural roots, experience diverse cultures, enable children to empathise with unfamiliar people/places/situations, offer insights into different traditions and values, help children consider new ideas, reveal differences and commonalties of cultures around the world.

  • Reduces screen time

It is proven that screen time whether it is television or gadgets end up spending quality time with your little one. Researches have proven that using gadgets just before sleep can interfere with your little one sleep and could lead negative behaviour in them. While a bedtime story ensures your child sound and peaceful sleep.

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