How to Make Your Child to Eat More Vegetables

Encouraging children to eat vegetables can be a war situation with them.  But vegetables give the child vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, water and energy. It will boost the immune system of your child and protect them against several diseases. A healthy diet consists of lots of vegetables and variety of foods from other food groups.

So it is important to incorporate the vegetables in your child diet on regular basis. Most of the children don’t like to eat vegetables so it is hard to incorporate it in their meal. So here are some ideas that will help you to serve them vegetables in a fun way.

  • Set an Example:

We all know that children always follow their parents. So the best way to encourage your Make Your Child to Eat More Vegetableschild to eat vegetables is by letting him see you eating and enjoying. Family meals are the good time to teach your child about healthy eating. If your child sees what you and his siblings are eating he might copy you and start enjoying vegetables

  • Start Early:

The early we introduce vegetables in our little ones diet sooner their pallet acquires the taste and easily they accept it as a daily part of their meal.

But no worries if you have missed this chance still you can make them eat with some tips and tricks.

  • Make Vegetables Invisible:

Boil and mash vegetables like beetroot, carrot, spinach, fenugreek leaves, chenopodium (bathua) leaves, pumpkin etc. and add their puree in different foods which make food colourful and attractive to your little ones. You can add puree in floor and make chapatti, parathas, pooris, dosa, colourful idlis, pastas, rice etc.

You can also serve vegetables in the form of soups to your little ones.

  • Adding Vegetables to Children Favourite Food:

You can add vegetables to your children’s favourite food like burger (add mix vegetables like corn, potato, carrot, beans, peppers etc for tikki), pizza (add zucchinin, olives, pepper, broccoli, tomatoes etc), sandwiches, macroni, vegetable upma etc.

  • Desserts with Veggies:

If your child is having a sweet tooth then you can make cupcakes and halwas with carrot, beetroot, bottle guard, raw papaya, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green peas etc.

  • Vegetable Dips:

You can use various kind vegetables in the form of dips and serve them with fries, pakoda, breads, sandwiches, rolls etc.

  • Creative Presentation:

You can be so creative in the presentation of food. You can cut the veggies with cookie cutter into different shapes like flower, star, some animal etc. It will increase your child curiosity to eat and finish their meal.

  • Praise Your Child:

You should praise the child each time they try a new veggie and finish their meal. Always encourage them that they did well.

But at the same time you should not force the child to finish their meal. It will make them disinterested about vegetables. You can tell them to try at least one full mouth bite.

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