Packing Checklist For Beach With Toddler

Travelling with babies is not an easy task, but you can enjoy your beach holidays by keeping little things in mind.

  • Diapers Bag
  • Diapers : Keep some extra diapers
  • Swim Diaper : In market so many reusable swim diapers available. You can choose any of your choice.
  • Wipes

  • Changing Sheet : you can choose washable or disposable one as per your choice.cropped-toddler1.jpg
  • Blankets : If you are going to beach area in winter season, its advisable to keep a warm blanket with you.
  • Plastic Bags n zip lock bags: Keep some plastic bags with you for soiled diapers and trashes. Also keep some zip-lock bags to keep snacks and other items sandfree.
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Toileteris: Keep small bottles or sachet of baby toiletries. Also make sure that you have kept powder and powder puff so that you can remove sand easily from your little one.
  • Portable Potty Seat: If you are lucky enough that your toddler is potty trained then yes you should bring the potty seat with you.
  • Toothbrush n toothpaste
  • Tissues
  • Sand Toys, Favourite toys and books: Make sure that you have kept child favourite toy and books like story books, coloring books, other activity books so that he /she enjoy while travelling and afterwards.
  • Swim Suit
  • Flotation device/Life jacket
  • Outerwear and inner-wear: You should take some extra dresses and casual wears for your baby to wear while you go for outing. Also keep warm wears if you are going in winter season as morning and evening are a little bit cold.
  • Shoes and sandals to match with outerwear. Also keep socks.
  • Towels
  • Beach Sandals
  • Bibs: you can use reusable or disposable one.
  • Sun hat with a wide brim n sunscreen: Its advisable to take a hat for your baby and apply sunscreen as sunrays are not good for them.
  • Canopy, Umbrella or suntent to provide much needed shade
  • Sippy cups, Water bottles and juices: Beach area always gives so much dehydration, so keep water, juices or any kind of energy drinks for child handy and give them in regular intervals.
  • Utensils : use some plastic handy boxes so that you can carry snacks items for them
  • Snack Food : Carry some healthy snacks with you always as child can be hungry any moments like grapes, cookies etc.
  • Mosquito repellent: It’s a must thing for any kind of journey.
  • Emergency / night light
  • Laundry soap
  • Utensil Soap
  • Socket protectors: Make the room child proof so that you can enjoy without any fear.
  • First aid kit: Make sure that you just keep supplies for minor injuries, painkillers, fever and any drug which is mandatory for your baby.
  • Baby carrier/ Light weight stroller: It’s a optional one, if your baby is tired then it will be a good option for you to hassle free walk.

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